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Market Place
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CeraTech I/S

Soendergaerds Alle 77

DK - 2760 Maeloev


Phone: +45 3149 5800

E-mail: ceratech@city.dk

CVR/SE-number: 2632 7539




The wax production was founded in 1894 under the name Theodor Møller Oil refinery and was at its closure in 2009, a family owned company that secured a loyal attitude to the company's strategy and business concept. Since the start of the company, it has through a extensive development efforts to be a leading in the production, expertise and know-how in the wax industry.

The development and production results have been many. In 1934, the company was - among other things - on the market with the first Danish produced cheese wax - a revolution at the time.

Meticulous control in all manufacturing processes, as well as flexibility in the width of the extensive product range, has had the result that CeraTech I/S can always provide its customers with quick and commercial solutions to all problems in wax technology.


In Denmark today's requirements for wax production is high. They are increased in line with environmental requirements and applications. CeraTech I/S is a leader in the chemical and technological developments in the wax area. CeraTech I/S products today are used by a variety of manufacturers and industries including: Cheese production, candlelight production, wood industry, paper- & cardboard industry, poultry industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastics and the engineering industry. CeraTech I/S products are also included in the cosmetics, detergents, floor polish, car care products, leather care, furniture polish and crayons and preservation. On our flexible wax factory we also produce a number of specialty waxes to individual needs. CeraTech I/S quality is also reflected in the service we provide to our customers regarding price, quality and technical support, immediate delivery and compliance with agreements and commitments.